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Central Washington Adventure Ride 2013 – Route Overview

Now that Rob and I are back from our late-winter Central Washington Adventure Ride, I thought I’d write-up details on our route (this post) and publish a video (next post). The loop we covered totaled 350 miles for the 3 day ride. The first day was more like a half day since Rob and I met at […]

Central Washington Adventure Ride 2013 Part 7

Navigation: Previous Post  |  Next Post If you knew everything that was going to happen ahead of time- it wouldn’t be an adventure, right? That was certainly true of our day on Sunday, day 3 of the Central Washington Adventure ride. In this post, I’ll continue where I left off in the last post, just as we […]

Central Washington Adventure Ride 2013 Part 6

Navigation: Previous Post  |  Next Post Having slept the night in a hotel, Rob and I were feeling pretty good on Sunday morning, the 3rd and final day of our Central Washington adventure ride. We were both glad that we departed the windy sage pit the night before. If we had stayed, it would have been to […]