My name is Gavin Gear. I love technology, creating things, capturing amazing images, telling amazing stories, using powerful tools, and generally pushing the limits. Most up-to-date professional profile is on LinkedIn. Here are some facts about me:



33,177,600: Number of pixels in my most extreme multi-mon setup


Can you imagine a 10’ wide Windows desktop that measures 15,360 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels high? I couldn’t until I saw this amazing 33,177,600 pixel setup (16 1080p displays worth of pixels). One word: WOW.

From the Extreme Windows Blog.

Most Interesting Motorcycle Ride: Harley Davidson Live Wire


Picture from article I wrote.

Favorite Color: Green

GTX 770 Close Angle Connectors 1200

Picture I took, published on the Extreme Windows Blog.

Favorite Car: Ford GT in Gulf Color Scheme