50in 4K Commodore 64 crop 1200

Commodore 64 in 4K

A while back I blogged about the Seiki 4K Ultra-HD TV which you can buy for less than $1000.00. Well, I just looked, and on Amazon, these things are now commanding only ~$500.00. At this point, any true Commodore 64 enthusiast will be wondering, what does the C=64 emulator look like in 4K? It must be the most amazing thing ever seen by a retro computer enthusiast. Imagine Mario Brothers, Impossible Mission, Spy Hunter, all in amazing 4K! I could write a program that prints “Gavin is Cool!” and see it propagate the screen in 4K. I just had to see what this would look like!

50in 4K Commodore 64 crop 1200

Never have pixels upscaled so elegantly. Never has the periwinkle blue C=64 welcome screen looked so awesome, all 50″ of it. Never have the 16 colors of the VIC-II graphics system looked so stunning. Running an emulator on my PC, I can load games in a second, save snapshots, and much more. I’ve come a long ways since the original Commodore 1702 13″ display I had back in the 80’s:

Commodore 1702 13" display, image courtesy jax182.com
Commodore 1702 13″ display, image courtesy jax182.com

…and yet, if you really want the “real experience” – a CRT display with a real C=64 is the only way to fly. Perhaps I’ll have to fire up the old C-64 and wait for hours as my games load from the not-so-fast Commodore 1541 drive. Ahhhh- summer 1985 is coming back to me. I need to play some “Lords of Conquest”.

Happy retro gaming!


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