Central Washington Adventure Ride 2013 Part 4

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Well, Rob and I didn’t have Verizon reception last night, so we weren’t able to send an update- it was an interesting night! Following our dinner in Waterville we made our way back to the bikes, tightened up Rob’s side cover, added oil, and hoped for the best (no gasket for this repair, just silicon sealant!)


Rob started up the bike, and we nervously waited for the engine to warm up so that we could determine if the leak was fixed, and……… NO LEAKS! WOO HOO!

The only problem was- it was about 9:30pm, dark, and we didn’t know where we were going to stay for the night! We headed up towards “I Road” based on a recommendation from Joe (the NAPA guy that helped us), but we got lost and were not able to find the creek area where camping would be possible… So we headed in the general direction of Jameson lake (with help from my Garmin 60CSx). It was a dark and cold ride, but we ended up finding a great place to camp near the lake.


With the oil leak issue and other delays, we only ended up riding 100 miles the first day, but we saw a lot and it was definitely an adventure!

In the morning, we woke up and saw an amazing site: we were surrounded by amazing rock cliffs around the lake.


With cold winds blowing we decided to pick up dead pieces of sage brush and build a fire. That was a good idea! Made up for the lack of coffee (warmth Smile).


We sat around the campfire for a while warming up and then packed up and hit the road. There was one more “adventure” involved as Rob broke off his kickstand while getting on his bike (The KTM was not designed for the weight involved with dualsport adventure riding, more for racing!).We carried on however, and decided to find places to stop where Rob could lean his bike against things… That will be interesting!

Next up was the drive into Coulee City for gas and lunch. This stretch of HWY2 is really interesting, and we had a great ride.



I made it to Big Wally’s Shell station with only 0.4 gallons left, and was feeling glad to have a full tank of gas again. Rob and I decided this would be a good place to stop for lunch, and post some updates.

Rob made the unfortunate (for his gut) decision to get the “Big Wally” – a burger that’s stacked with calories of all kinds:


Next up- we’ll sit here at Wally’s and figure out where we’re going to go next. Rob is wanting some time with the Toughbook that I’ve been hogging…

If we end up with Verizon coverage tonight, I’ll post another update from the campsite!

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