Central Washington Adventure Ride 2013 Part 2

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Well, were in the end-game for trip preparations, and Rob is already in Leavenworth getting settled for the night near where we’re going to meet up to start off the ride. I’ve been watching the weather conditions on Stevens pass hoping that things look good enough to ride over this weekend (knobby tires don’t do well on ice).

My packing is taking shape, and I’m really liking the combination of the Dirt-Bagz soft panniers with the Ortleib Rack-Pack waterproof duffel. I think it’s all going to work well!

TE-610 packup 600Here we see the list of items I plan on taking – pending everything fitting in my packs tomorrow morning (I’ve performed one scaled down pre-pack trial).

Here’s what I have (from the back of the table)

  1. Sleeping bag (5 deg F rated)
  2. Inflatable sleeping pad
  3. 2-person tent
  4. Clothing and toiletries (black Dirt-Bagz duffel)
  5. Blue paper shop towels
  6. Fire starting supplies and first aid kit
  7. Cooking tins
  8. Headlamp and flashlight, batteries
  9. Rotopax 1-gallon tanks: Gasoline (red), Water (white)
  10. Tripod stool
  11. Tire irons and tools
  12. Micro stove and propane cylinder
  13. Manfrotto camera tripod
  14. Panasonic Toughbook H2
  15. Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard and mouse (Bluetooth)
  16. Garmin 60CSx GPS
  17. Mobile WiFi access point
  18. GoPro HERO2 cameras (2)
  19. Memory cards
  20. Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera
  21. 580EX-II speedlite flash (may not make it in!)

That’s quite the assortment of gear! Hopefully not too much. Rob and I may pair things down in Leavenworth when we compare notes. Otherwise, we’ll both have “one of everything”. :)

Our route will be dirt roads, highway, and trail that covers a loop in central Washington:

Central WA Route


This should prove to be quite fun finding our way around, and experiencing new parts of the state that we haven’t seen yet!

Time for me to go charge up all of my batteries. In the morning I head out!

More updates soon.

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