Central Washington Adventure Ride 2013 Part 1

The ride starts Friday 03/15/2013!

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My friend Rob Lutz and I have been riding dirtbikes together for years, and have long wanted to head out on the highway together on a dualsport adventure ride. What’s a dualsport adventure ride you ask? It’s where you strap minimal camping gear onto a street-legal dirtbike and head out on the highway, dirt roads, and single-track trails on a big motorcycle camping adventure. Fortunate for us (Rob and I) we both live close to to central Washington- an idea setting for dualsport adventures! Rob and I have had a lot of dirtbikes over the years, but it’s only been recently that we’ve both upgraded to bikes that can handle 70mph on the highway *and* reasonable trail duties (single track).

TE-610 packing up

Here you can see my 2009 Husqvarna TE-610 – an ideal dualsport adventure bike (and my rain commuter Smile ).

Rob and I are comparing notes frequently as we pack our bikes up with new gear, and plan for what we will and won’t need for this trip. The goal is to pack light, and bring only what we need. I’m hoping that the passes will be relatively clear (no ice) so that I can ride from my home in Bothell to our meet-up point near Leavenworth, WA. Fingers crossed!

One interesting aspect of this trip is the fact that I’m planning to use a Panasonic Toughbook H2 running Windows 8 and other mobile gear (mobile wifi access point, etc) to blog from the road/trail/campsite. This Toughbook is the PC that Mike Rowe should take to work, it’s totally sealed, waterproff, dustproof, and I can’t wait to blog from around the campfire!

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Panasonic Toughbook H2
Panasonic Toughbook H2 – 6’ drop rated and extremely rugged

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I’ll be sharing this with my friends over at ADVRIDER.com, and we’ve already gotten great ideas/routes from the “Pacific Northwet” sub-forum (thanks everyone!). We’re not sure exactly how this trip will unfold, or where exactly we’ll go, so stay tuned- it’s going to be an adventure! It’s a bit early for an adventure ride around these parts (WA) – so we’re going to do our best to stay warm, dry, and off the snow!

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