Naneu Pro U220, a great deal on a huge pro-photo backpack

Are you in need of a backpack that will handle two camera bodies, one with 70-200mm lens attached, 3-4 extra lenses, dual speedlites, and a bunch more? I do video and photo shoots where I have to take a “whole bunch of stuff” with me, and I found a great deal on a pro-level backpack for about $70 delivered (clearance on ebay) B&H has this for about $249. This backpack was way bigger than what I wanted at the time for airliner carryon, but for storage in my studio, and for on-location work, I’m loving this thing!

A couple of pictures:

The mamoth backpack with my Canon EOS 7D and 17" laptop in sleve (fits inside backpack)
mamoth backpack with my Canon EOS 7D and 17" laptop in sleve (fits inside backpack)

The inside of the backpack loaded with gear

 Some things I like about this pack:

  • You can lash a tripod to the side (although the strap latch does not work the way I’d want it to)
  • Water bottle carrier with cinch strap on side
  • Inner compartment (camera and gear) is removeable so this pack can be used for non-camera purposes (inner compartment has carry handle, so you can still carry your gear in it while using the interior of the pack for other things)
  • It’s very well made
  • Top handle for when you want to carry it by hand rather than over shoulder
  • Laptop sleve is nice
  • Camera is readily accessible when you open the back of the pack (top loader) and is well protected from pack drops
  • Carrying volume

Some things I don’t like:

  • Too big for carryon (could make it work, but it’s over dimension for some airlines – too thick)
  • Tripod lash buckle doesn’t work well (I’m going to put something on instead)

¬†Here’s a link to a relevant ebay search if you’re interested

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