Lens tryout: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

It’s always nice when you can try out gear before you buy it! A friend at work purhased this lens, and doesn’t have a camera body to use it on yet (his 5D MII is on the way…) so he lent me this nice prime lens for the weekend.

I have the much cheaper 50mm f/1.8 II, and thought it would be nice to try this lens for comparison. I’ll have to say, this lens can produce some really clear images!

The lens mounted on my 7D

Example shots taken with this lens on my 7D:

A portrait of Cameron Tomisser taken with my 7D and continuous fluorescent lighting (click for larger version)

Closeup showing lens clarity (taken from complete headshot image)

Back-lit shot at the "Golden hour" I of II (click for larger view)

Back-lit shot at the "Golden hour" II of II (click for larger view)

Smith and Wesson Model 629 - fluorescent continuous lighting (click for larger version)

I’ll have to say this is a lens that I would like to own. Focuses great, the USM is better than my 1.8 II (front ring doesn’t turn either…), and the clarity is just great. Oh yeat, f/1.4 is also a great capability.

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