Interview lighting test – Gary Erickson – 05/04/2010

The second in a series of tests in preparation for a series of interviews that I’ll be working on filming for my church. In the last test, I was working with some cobbled together hot lights (shop lights with home-made barn doors, diffusers, etc). I determined that I needed “real” lights, so I picked up a couple fluorescent 900w equivalent continuous lights with softboxes, diffusers, etc. Since they’re color balanced at 5500K, it means they’ll mix with sunlight, or with speedlite strobes without gelling. I should also be able to avoid setting custom white balance.

Test video clip:

Interview Video Test – Gary Erickson – Dark from Ultimate Reloader on Vimeo.

Here are some lighting setup shots:

From camera right

From behind

From behind the camera

Screenshot from test clip


 And here’s a link to the HD video clip on Vimeo:

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